Sedgefield Lakes Project

This was a whole house project that we did . It was is quite a disarray. Being that the family that had owned it had built the house back in the late fifties or the early sixties. It was a very well built home on Sedgefield  lake, that just had had nothing done to it since it was built.  It was all original even the hot water boiler system. I will say the house has a lot of caricature  The interior doors had hand made door locks on them, It has an interior wood fired grille in the basement that is part of the fireplace system .

In all it was a fun project to work on and the owners were great to work with,  open to trying something different Working on a house like this is like seeing the diamond in the old dirty rock before it is cut. But when it is finished it really shines.

Kitchen After

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We opened up the back wall of the kitchen and added a butler's pantry. We made the adjacent room the dining room.