Solar Research project

  The Project House  with A &T University

This is a house that we have been slowly working on and we have tried to build it with energy efficiency being the primary part of building it. We started with a Closed Crawl space. Framing was done using Optimal Value Engineering practices such as California corners, Drywall clips,sized headers to say the least. We also went to the extent of applying 1×4 bracing in the corners so that we could use Blue board insulation on the exterior sheathing. Not to forget the energy efficient vinyl windows made by PELLA.

Now that is just the start of the house.  We are not trying to do anything that is expensive. But what we are doing is trying to heat the hot water and the house using solar water heat. I will be providing you with the project as we go and I am hoping to provide you with some videos showing the work as it has been done.

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