Better Buildings

Energy Loss Diagnostics

Making your home or business more efficient, comfortable and healthier.

Using our blower door, duct blaster, and infrared camera we can diagnose your home or business with structure leaks.  These leaks can allow for potentially dirty air getting into your living area.  When using the infrared camera we are able to look inside the walls for places not insulated properly or for holes from the outside allowing exterior air into your living space.  We also test your heating and air conditioning system to see if it is leaking inside or outside of the structure. 
For every cubic foot of air that comes into the living  space, one cubic foot of air goes out.  If the home or office building is leaking you are loosing energy you paid for through the heat or air conditioning.  Leaks also pull dirty air into your living space from the crawl space, attic and walls.  The dirty air can cause health problems that many don’t realize, allergies and asthma being two of them.  
During the energy loss diagnostic testing we also look for carbon monoxide leakage, moisture problems and mold concerns.  We look for these problems in areas that typically you are not venturing like your crawl space and attic.