Silrite is a division of Batts Builders.  Silrite has taken our experience in the building industry and our passion for making living places more comfortable, healthier and energy efficient and turned it into a business venture that pulls it all together.

First we start off by testing your home or business to evaluate where in the structure you are loosing heat and air conditioning that you just paid money for.  Secondly, we look for moisture issues, duct leakage, insulation problems, gas leakage issues, and sometimes other concerns while inspecting the building.

Many people don’t realize all of the potential issues they could possibly have through the leakage of their home or business.  Having the structure inspected and an energy analysis completed can really be beneficial.  Steve has been certified by Resnet and BPI.  He has also taken many other accredited classes with Advance Energy and EBBA (Energy Efficient Building Association).