Pebble Dr. Bathroom

We have started another project. It is a Master Bathroom up fit.

The scope of the work

Removal of the existing shower area to bring it up to date.

Removal of all plumbing fixtures. Plus while we are in there we are removing all of the plumbing and waste lines to prevent any issues with slow drainage.

Removal of the cabinet to upgrade the style, also while making it a taller cabinet for easier use and making the configuration work better for the home owners.

We will be installing new shower design to allow more natural light in.

Installing new shower plumbing  system that will have allow for an adjustable hand shower.

Installing a new double vanity cabinet with a better drawer configuration to give  more storage.


We will be providing photos of the work in progress  so you can see what is involved. In doing a project.


 Before photos




    Demo in progress


After we  removed the tile  in the shower area,we found  rotted sub flooring and floor joist.

But it wasn’t that hard to correct this issue and go on with the next aspect of the project.


Air Sealing as we go !



It is hard to see in the photo but there is orange fire rated foam sealant. We use this to air seal all holes,cracks and seams

This is for better comfort, lower utility bills, to prevent bugs from entering the living space. It also can help with asthma and allergies