800 Guilford Av.

 800 Guilford Av.

  Well we have gotten of to a rocky start, which we new it wasn’t going to be perfect.

We had two rather large stumps that were right in the way of where one of the footings need to go. We had a prhttp://www.battsbuilders.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=402&action=editoblem with finding someone to dig the stumps out so we decided to try to have them ground out. That worked but it took three trips to accomplish our goals. and then we found an old stump on the opposite side of the addition that we did not expect

We were planning on doing a concrete slab  for the floor system due to the change in the  grade  and moisture concerns but with having to dig  out so much due to the stumps, roots and fill dirt from when the house was originally built in the Fifties. We  realized  as we kept digging out the dirt that we should look at doing a conventional crawlspace with a conventional floor system.   It is going to come out close to what we had for the slab floor, and the reason for that is that we had figured fill material, clean stone ,labor to compact the fill and to get the material in the area where needed and the cost of the concrete material and labor.

We are now looking at our options for the retaining wall that we have to install due to the change in grade, By code you can  not have dirt closer than eight inches from the bottom of the siding  on the addition. So we are looking at how we can add a retaining wall on three side and make it functional for the needs of the customers.

I will get some photos on here so that you can see what we are doing , the good and the bad.  Also I am trying to do some short video’s of the different parts of the job so that you can see a little of it in action. I hop that you children we enjoy them more than you though.

Oh I forgot to say what we are building. It is an office and a studio with a master bathroom.  Click here to see more pictures

If you have comments please leave them and I will do my best to respond if needed.