New Homes

The way retirement should be

We have not built a lot of homes in our fourteen years of business. We have done more remodeling projects for the main reason that we were not comfortable in building speculation houses.

But when we have built homes we like to think that we listen to what the owner want and communicate with our customers daily so that we keep everyone on the same page

We  like to provide you with more than you expect.

We have decided as a company to only build Energy Star homes. We feel it is the best money spent on your investment.

When you build an energy efficient home you are getting a return on the investment every month of the houses existence.  Where else do you get that kind of return on any investment?  Then when the time comes to sell your home you have something that most in the housing industry of America doesn’t have, what a better way to market your home.

We want to build the most structurally sound and beautiful home for you, but you can only get a monetary monthly payback on an Energy Efficient home. The added benefits of building an energy efficient home is that it is more Comfortable  thru out, and a Healthier home because you are sealing up the home so that you are not breathing air from your attic or the crawlspace.




Here are  some of the projects we have completed and let us know what we can do for you.