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City of Greensboro is giving away five million dollars to ramp up energy efficiency in buildings and homes

Yes that is right, the stimulus money is finally getting to main street America.  The only requirement is that you live inside the Greensboro city limits.  The first step is to have an energy analysis of the structure, rather it is commercial or residential.  The next step is to complete energy upgrades that improve the structures energy efficiency by atleast 15%. 

After completing the listed steps the city will pay you back 20% of the energy upgrades to the structure, there is a cap of $4000.00 for residential upgrades.

The commercial projects are handled a little differently.  They are paid on a per square foot price and have different circumstances according to the size of building.  You can go to Greensboro Going Green to find out more information on this program.  This program is just starting  up, so there will more than likely be some changes down the road.

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